Cross Street Garage Sale

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In the spirit of the season Cross Street Studios is opening their doors and welcoming us all in for an epic garage sale christmas party on Tuesday 22nd of December! They are clearing out their wares and we get the bargains, they will be 'selling assourted goodies for cheap from the cross street black hole of collected things'. But there will also be bands, vegan bbq, jerk chicken, the famous cross street punch, some rope play, a ping-pon tournament and ever a rap workshop! Wow, I mentioned epic earlier I'm sure.

Check out the deets below and we will catch you there!

Cross Street Garage Sale Slash Amazine Xmas Party Times
Tuesday 22 December

Bands -
dole day rage
dr octopuss
swampy tonk
ivy rossiter
sam hamilton

Other Fun Times
vegan bbq
dan's jerk chicken shack
infamous cross street punch
cleo from first thursday's jump rope play team
mikey from smoking hot bitch fight's rap workshop
cross street ping pong tournament - mc'd by damian from stress cadet

Oh, and you can even bring a tshirt along and get it screen printed on!

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