Wellington Zinefest!

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For those of us who are kicking it in the capital then make sure you get along and check this out, its Wellington Zinefest time! Auckland had its first Zinefest earlier this year thanks to the lovely people up at Cross Street Studios, however, Wellington has been rocking a Wellington Zinefest for a while now. There will be many contributors from around NZ plying their zine-like wares and offer smiles and fine conversation... well I can promise they will be plying zines, I'm just hoping that the other parts naturally occur, and why wouldn't they. The zine community is a wonderful and interesting bunch, zine have changed and evolved so much in the last 10 years that it is not funny. I have trouble even placing what a zine is now, do I still need to photocopy newspaper text and make my zine on a typewriter for it to be a zine? not from what I have seen, zines now seem to be much more slick and more leaning toward independent mini-publications then the cut and paste publications of the 80s and 90s. With desktop publishing and laser printing photocopying is now a creative choice more than a necessity of the medium, in fact for some people it is more expensive to photocopy then it would be to just press print at home. So, many exciting things are now possible, how many things? You will have to rock along to the Wellington Zinefest '09 to find out.

There will be access to the Libraries Zine collection, stalls, panel discussions, workshops, talks and even Wellington Zinefest T-shirts 2009 editions. If you are really lucky you might buy the T-shirt which I pulled the squeegee on - 1 in 40 chance!

Our own thisisrabbit is launching his first mini art book (zine) at the Zinefest, while he won't be down there to shake your hand you can find 'Don't Be Sad' at the Cross Street Studios table I think. Yay.

Wellington Zinefest '09
21 November 2009
At The Mighty Mighty (Cuba St)

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