Vinyl + Wellington + Good times = Popup Dunny Launch

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Me and Jess tripped down to the capital city last weekend for a fun-filled, mad weekend which was launched with a launch. Popup Gallery were celebrating the release of Kidrobot's newest line of their famed vinyl collector toy, the Dunny. If you are new to vinyl toys, then the quick break down is that Kidrobot, master company of all things vinyl at the moment, have created a cute, bunny like toy called a "Dunny". Artists from around the world customize, bastardize and revolutionize the toy year after year creating some amazing takes on a simple figure. In addition to showcasing the latest French Series of Dunnys, the launch featured an amazing showcase of Dunnys from the past (pic #4 on their gallery site) which certainly opened my eyes to the Dunny medium. There was plenty of wine and some amazing sights to be seen - this was the preverbal kids in a candy store environment. All walks of Wellingtonians (as well as a few over zealous Aucklanders) were at the launch - from Weta masters to our favorite sickness Tommy Ill.

The gallery was buzzing with energy and excitement, all growing as the evening went on. To celebrate the launch, Popup gave away a full case of the Dunny French Series, which was actually won by one of Tommy Ill's friends. As the celebration progressed, a wonderful social evening unfolded with revelers trading double-ups and celebrating each other's finds.

This was my first vinyl toy launch and I have to admit that I had a freaking amazing time and walked away not only with some great toys but also with an incredible night to go with them.

The series itself features art from SuperDelux, SKWAK, and Tilt, all talented artists hailing from France. So, go crack open a bottle of wine and check out for photos from the night.

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