Summer Artists Introductions - PNTR

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We thought it might be fun to introduce some local artists over the summer period and give you a bit of an insight into what they do and where their work comes from.

To start us off we went all the way to Dunedin, well through the magic of the internet we did... and now you will to.

Meet PNTR, he is an incredible talented Dunedin-based street artist who has been creating some amazing larger scale works around NZ over the last little while. When asked about his works he describes them as "responses to and inspired by urban environments, with key elements being Interaction, Communication and Movement." These elements can be seen in the energy of his works, using found imagery and recontextualising it into some fresh prints. PNTR's practice takes printmaking to the streets and lets the public interact with it outside of a gallery situation; he uses location to inspire placement and context of his imagery, keeping his work very fluid.

PNTR's work feels very lively and relaxed in its execution. One of the great things about street art is the freedom to create and take risks; what is interesting is that printmaking can tend to fight against this. PNTR uses printmaking as the base of his works and then seems to run free with them, layering different techniques and from what we can tell, having a lot of fun doing it.

His works interact with urban environments and PNTR describes the city as being "structured by the way individuals move, interact and communicate within the environment as they go about their everyday life; people learn from others as they cross paths and interact." Street art often aims to break patterns and help people become aware of their environment and PNTR's work achieves this in a very holistic way. His work doesn't yell; it instead supports the spaces and makes you look again, which we really dig. He says "I have recently been exploring relationships between the natural world and urban environments, taking inspiration from the often overlooked within everyday life and playing with it through a process of mutation to create a kind of playful humour."

We were lucky enough to have PNTR contribute some mini artworks to the Makeshift Magazine #4 Launch editions so if you managed to snag one of these awesome prints then make sure you drop him a line to let him know they found a good home. If you live in Dunedin then keep your eyes peeled as his works are popping up around you as we speak.

Check out PNTR's latest works live on his flickr page or search flickr for his work here.

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