Silent Auction! Shhh!

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I can't speak for anyone else, but when I finished uni one of the first things I did was try and block large portions of it from my memory. A lot of these were from my final year which was, like everyone else's, stressful and rushed and sleep-deprived.

There's a bunch of people currently doing their final year of painting at Unitec who are (presumably) going through the same thing. And on top of all the other stuff they have to do they're also having a silent auction!

The auction is to raise money for their end of year exhibition (go here to read about last year's one) and will feature paintings made not just by the students but also by some of their tutors: Julian Hooper, Kim Meek, Mark Braunius and Kristy Gorman. The work has been made specifically for this event and is all being put up for silent auction.

And what is a silent auction exactly? There's no shame in asking, I wasn't entirely sure myself. Wikipedia says:

"Silent auction: This is often a variant of an English auction, where bids are written on a sheet of paper, and at the predetermined end of the auction, the highest listed bidder wins the prize. This auction variant is often used in charity events, and many items may be auctioned simultaneously. Participants submit bids normally on paper, near the item. Other variations of this type of auction may include sealed bids. The highest bidder pays the price he or she submitted."

I can only assume that that's how this will work as well.

The opening is 5:30 to 8, Tuesday 13th of May. The auction closes 4:30 Friday 16th. It is being held in the Library Foyer, Building 1, Gate 1, Unitec. If you don't make it to the opening it is open for viewing between 9:30 and 4:30 during the week.

Oh, and apparently it's called "Unisex". Ha!

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