Munny it up artists

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The awesome folks at Popup gallery in Wellybelly are having NZ's most terrific-ist custom vinyl toy competition - Pimp My Munny II. If you were lucky enough to check out last year's comp, I'm sure you know that this year will be even more fierce. Popup is putting out a call to all kiwi artists to go nuts and have fun customising a Munny (one of the world's most recognisable vinyl art toy shapes). The stakes? Firstly, this year it is peer voted, so you will get to have your art viewed by a huge number of eyes, but the real prize is for the winner who gets $500 worth of goodies from Pop-up including a framed edition of Kozyndan’s new Pacific Drift Panoramic. Sounds pretty good to me.

The custom toy community is a large international beast filled with many illustrators and street artists. Overseas it has been growing and swelling for many years now but upon our shores there hasn't been too much support for the medium... luckily we have Popup! This is the second year of Pimp My Munny, and last year saw a huge number of diverse and exciting entries - some of which even ended up being sold through Popup. As an artist, customising toys can be an interesting, fun way to get your name out there and into the hands of non-traditional art buyers. Not everyone has the cash or wall space for paintings; so why not give it a try?

If you aren't so quick with a paint brush, then you could try what I'm planning on doing, and see if you can bribe one of your artistic friends (I know your reading this EDMO!) to design a Munny for you. 1.) Commission them to make you the Munny of your dreams 2.) They enter the comp and sky rocket to fame 3.) You get a custom toy 4.) Everyone is happy!

Entries close on the 29th August 2008, and they will all be put up for voting during September. There are some rules and regs but you can check all that stuff out over at Pimp My Munny II.

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