If It's In My Hand Then It's Real

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A piece of art that feels like a friend is very satisfying, and when art is handed to you, transformed from a 2-D print into a 3-D object, it’s even easier to develop that familiar bond. Building your collection of “art friends” is addictive; the vastly growing number of art toy collectors and admirers will attest to that. The fact that the majority of toys are done in limited runs doesn’t hurt either. Once you’ve bought something that only 499 other people in the entire world own, you feel like you’ve just joined an exclusive club and that toy is your secret handshake. Designer toy boutiques are popping up all over the states and, on our own shores, we’ve got one in the capital city that is ripping up the toy scene. We’ve mentioned Popup before on the Makeshift website, but I thought I’d give a howdy-do and tip my hat their way again since they’ve got heaps of new toys in store and on their website. Here’s a look at a few:

Yummy Breakfast Keychains
Donuts, pizza, watermelon…it doesn’t matter what you like to feast on first thing in the morning, the Yummy Breakfast keychains have got it all. These little cuties are from crafting royalty Heidi Kenny. Check out her website to take a gander at her amazing plushies.

BambooZoo Miniseries
It hurts me too look at these – mostly because they are so damn cute I want to poke my eyes out. I’m pretty sure they're beasts of sorts, but these beast are the kind I’d invite over for tea. There are 16 figures (and 2 secret figures!) created by British artists, Peskimo (David + Jodie) that come blind boxed and include a sticker.

Fatcaps Series 2
The much anticipated series 2 Fatcaps have arrived and they’re looking sweet as ever. DOMA, Tilt, AND Sket One are just a few artists who have work in this series. They stand a proud 3 inches, and some are carrying dangerous accessories like bull whips and machine guns. Oh my!

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