The Art of the Band Poster

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Last night Up There Arts Gallery (k'rd, Auckland) opened an exhibition of kiwi born bad-ass band poster art. We checked out the spread and found some heart warming familiar faces - well, poster-faces. Being a visual person a gig poster can teleport me back to a rocking night in an instant, but it doesn't just tell of the night, it recreates the anticipation, the waiting for the actual event and the warm fuzzies felt every time the poster was passed on the street both before & after the event. There were certainly some of these feelings recreated when walking through the exhibition, but it also gave me a chance to step back and appreciate the art itself, separated from the gigs (as they have all long passed now) and elevated in the gallery space. It lets you scoot up close to that fancy three colour screen print which you had previously only seen covered in paste, dimly lit and with a giant commercially funded poster covering half of it. I love the scoot.

If you aren't familiar with some of the artists who make this stuff happen then make sure you get along and check it out. The exhibition features work from the following creators:

Ruban Nielson, Bradley Fafejta, Ed Gains, Alan Holt, Autistk, Mat Scheurich, Garage Collective and more.

Your Band's Poster Rocks
November 22 - December 10th
Up There Arts Gallery Space
145 Karangahape, Newton, Auckland

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