48 hours of distance and desire

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A couple of weeks ago some of the Makeshift crew were involved in the 48 Hours film competition as part of team The [Incoherent Mumble]. We had a pretty amazing time and got to work with arguably one of the most painful to pull off genres - Romance. The weekend was long and the film was short, but you know that's the idea. Please check it out below or here on the youtube.

The film, Distance & Desire is an epic story about trying to find the right kind of love in the wrong kind of way... or maybe that should be the other way around. The givens for this years 48 hour competition, which had to be used, were as follows:

Genre: Romance
A prop: A Brush
A line: "Wait a minute!"
A character: Kerry Post - A perfectionist.

The heats were last week and we both got lucky and lucked out in the fact that our heat was an awesome one (if I say so myself). It featured this year's entry by previous winner The Down Low Concept 'No Vacancy' as well as an awesome (if slightly out of sync) musical about speed dating. There was also an epic Mighty Boosh style post apocalypse movie featuring far too much spandex and just the right amount of perfect eyes. Note: I think we all agree next year there needs to be a P.A. genre in there. Of course I couldn't skip mentioning 'My day for Yellow' which along with 'No Vacancy' made it into the finals. 'My Day for Yellow' was creepy and cunning and, well, some more creepy, it would certainly help their case that I've been watching Dexter recently so I loved the concept of an OCD murderer.

I hear that the other heats were terrific as well and I'm certainly looking forward to seeing all the finalists this Thursday, as well as all the others as they trickle onto youtube over the next few months. Big ups to anyone who was involved in any way with this competition. It can stress (sometimes break) friendships, but at the same time it can build bonds and when all is said and done, you get to walk out with a movie which is a story unto itself, no matter how arse the final cut ended up!

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